Heavy Weather: a creative intervention

Heavy Weather: a creative intervention
Author: Manwaring, Kevan (1 March 2021)


Weaving history, literature, and environmental humanities with sections of life-writing (travel-writing based upon various long-distance walks), this hybrid form explores narratives of Climate Change from the very earliest (eg, Ruskin's observation in the 19th Century) to the very latest (eg news reports from the summer of 2019). It is the culmination of a wide range of research from the archival to the experiential.

This was a creative keynote for the Gothic Nature symposium, University of Roehampton, September, 2019. It was edited and published in the peer-reviewed Gothic Nature journal in Spring, 2021.

Manwaring, K. (2021) HEAVY WEATHER: A Creative Intervention.
Gothic Nature. 2, pp. 285-294. Available from: https://gothicnaturejournal.com/

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