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Gough, Paul (2024) Gilbert Spencer: The Life and Work of a Very English Artist.

Gough, Paul (2018) Dead ground. War and peace: Remembrance and recovery. A cultural reading of memoryscapes from the Great War, 1914-1918.

Gough, Paul (2017) 'The holy box' : the genesis of Stanley Spencer's Sandham Memorial Chapel.

Gough, Paul (2016) Zawn: Walking West Penwith. Cliff-edge Painting by Paul Lewin.

Gough, Paul (2015) 'Back from the Front’: Art, Memory and the Aftermath of War.

Gough, Paul (2014) Edge:Lands.

Gough, Paul (2014) Brothers in arms : John and Paul Nash and the aftermath of the Great War.

Gough, Paul (2012) Banksy:The Bristol Legacy.

Gough, Paul (2011) 'Your loving friend, Stanley' The Great War correspondence between Stanley Spencer and Desmond Chute.

Gough, Paul (2010) ‘A Terrible Beauty’: War, British Artists and the First World War.

Gough, Paul (2006) Stanley Spencer : Journey to Burghclere.

Book Section

Gough, Paul (2022) A Frayed Edge.

Gough, Paul (2021) Representing the Unseen: The Primacy of Visual Testimony in Official British War Art.

Gough, Paul and Read, Joshua (2021) Crossing the Line: from Alley to Gallery.

Gough, Paul (2021) Unstuck: ‘War artists without a war’.

Gough, Paul (2021) 'That Dastardly Plot’: Gardens as Weapon of War and Peace.

Gough, Paul (2020) ‘That huge, haunted solitude’: 1917-1927 a spectral decade.

Gough, Paul (2019) Topographies of Remembrance across the former British Empire.

Gough, Paul (2019) 'Perpetuation of the Picturesque’ and ‘Chicken Run: My Part in the Great Escape’.

Gough, Paul (2019) ‘Re-membering the Past’; eye-witness and post-battle artistic accounts of the Falklands War.

Gough, Paul (2017) 'A concentrated utterance of total war’ - Paul Nash, CWR Nevinson and the challenge of representation in the Great War.

Gough, Paul (2017) Congested Terrain: Contested Memories. Visualising the Multiple Spaces of War and Remembrance.

Gough, Paul and Davies, Katie (2017) ‘Dead air’: The acoustic of war and peace – creative interpretations of the sounds of conflict and remembrance.

Gough, Paul (2016) “Turf Wars”: grass, greenery and the spatiality of commemoration. Recurring debates and disputes in the uses of horticultural iconography by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in northern Europe.

Gough, Paul (2016) Bansky: What’s the fuss and why does it matter?

Gough, Paul, Hatchwell, Sophie and Shaw-Miller, Simon (2016) ‘The elsewhere of my mind…’: reflections on the art of Stanley Spencer.


Gough, Paul (2022) ‘NO GO’: Artists, Trespass and the Aftermath of Occupation.

Gough, Paul (2019) Aftermath in the Visual Arts: the centenary commemoration of war 2014-2018.

Gough, Paul (2018) Revisioning Australia’s War Art: Four Painters as Citizens of the ‘Global South’.

Gough, Paul (2016) ‘Existencillism’: Banksy and the stencil as radical graphic form.

Gough, Paul (2014) ‘Planting Memory’: the Challenge of Remembering the Past on the Somme, Gallipoli and Melbourne.

Gough, Paul (2013) ‘Cultivating dead trees’: the legacy of Paul Nash as an artist of trauma, wilderness and recovery’.

Gough, Paul and Morgan, Sally J. (2013) ‘A Faux Monument’: Guerilla Interventions and the contestation of rhetorical public space.

Gough, Paul (2008) ‘Exactitude is truth’: representing the British military through commissioned artworks’.

Gough, Paul (2007) ‘Contested memories: contested site’: Newfoundland and its unique heritage on the Western Front.

Gough, Paul (2006) Planting peace: the Greater London Council and the community gardens of central London.

Gough, Paul (2006) Fault-lines: four short observations on places of peace, trauma, and contested remembrance.

Gough, Paul (2004) Manipulating the Metonymic : the politics of civic identity and the Bristol Cenotaph, 1919 – 1932.

Gough, Paul (2004) Sites in the imagination: the Beaumont Hamel Newfoundland Memorial on the Somme.

Gough, Paul (2004) Corporations and commemoration – First World War remembrance, Lloyds TSB and the National Memorial Arboretum.

Gough, Paul (2002) ‘Invicta Pax’ Monuments, Memorials and Peace ; an analysis of the Canadian Peacekeeping Monument, Ottawa.

Conference or Workshop

Gough, Paul and Davies, Katie (2024) Void of War: sounds of silence during repatriation and remembrance ceremonies.

Gough, Paul (2019) ‘Flower Power’: the importance and critical value of the landscape in memorial and mnemonic spaces.

Gough, Paul (2018) Flowers of War.


Gough, Paul (2023) The Art of Creative Research.

Gough, Paul (2022) A Commission for the Pentagon.

Gough, Paul (2019) Turbulence, Conflict and the Garden of Remediation, Charles Green, Lyndell Brown, Paul Gough and Jon Cattapan.

Gough, Paul (2013) 'Write off the Map'. an exhibition on forests, history, and social and environmental memory.


Gough, Paul, Bell, John, Dodgson, Mark and Rowley, Sue (2015) SAF 09: Securing Australia’s Future. Translating research for economic and social benefit:country comparisons.

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